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Meet Quinae

Thought Leader, Creative, Instructional Technology Enthusiast, Community Builder

I believe that every child deserves excellent academic opportunities in their own communities. I work with teachers to explore how they can broaden the horizons for their scholars. 

I work with Ed-Tech companies to help bridge gaps between products and implementation. 

I believe that each time one person decides to be an agent of change we are one step closer to bridging academic gaps and providing all students with the educational opportunities they deserve.


One of the greatest influences I have in education is through the teachers I invest in. My time spent in the classroom has been invaluable to my view on leadership, I understand that creativity, compassion, and collaboration are essential to transformation. A great leader is a teacher at heart, teaching others to lead.

The space you choose is the one prepared for your unique gifts and talents. Choose with wisdom and faith

Quinae G. Jackson



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Super appealing and relevant.  Especially post lockdown, it is important to have our students feel connected and represented.

Quinae always provides us with effective sessions and this has been important to incorporate not only knowledge into our classes but also to value and respect diversity through activities that allow us to reflect and serve as a starting point to collaborate with everyone.

This session was an excellent reminder that connectivity is essential to learning. Thoughtful, engaging, great pacing, and plentiful resources and next steps.


We offer an abundance of resources that support  creating "Learning Journeys" that prepare scholars for lifelong success through the acquisition of strategies and skills that are transferable 


We collaborate with you to create and execute amazing ideas. We demonstrate how to transform teaching and learning through a series of micro-shifts  in mindset, efficacy, classroom management and instructional delivery 


 We show you how to leverage your skills and grow. We specialize in amplifying your authentic self! We believe true leadership maximizes capacity. We will provide you with tools and strategies to walk in spaces specially crafted for your gift

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We Love Ed-Tech and can support you all around!

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We serve purpose and dismiss "boredom"

Inquiry Based Learning; Hands on Learning; Learning through Music and Movement; and MORE!

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In a classroom, inquiry is one of the greatest forms of engagement. It accentuates the art of discovery and brings joy to learning. 

Quinae Jackson, Author

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