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Just Remember To Breathe

I am an amazing teacher! Talented and Gifted...until my 4-year old enters the room.

Hello and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find my writing both informative and entertaining.

Just Breathe

She looked me in my eye, picked up her scissors and proceeded to make pasta from the flashcards.

As we navigate new Digital learning waters, many of you are tasked to play wife, mom and teacher to two different families while simultaneously keeping your sanity. This all came to a head for me one day last week as I juggled a Google Meet for work, had dinner in the oven all while trying to help my daughter understand the difference between "u" and "n". I know that she knew my attention was divided and at some point she decided that my learning plan was as ineffective as my attempts to get her to settle down after eating a marshmallow, She looked me in my eye, picked up her scissors and proceeded to make pasta from the flashcards. It was then that I decided to breathe.

I told myself, there are enough days for you to carve out time to take care of you. You can't be a great pre-k and 8th grade teacher at the same time. Give yourself and your kids a break. Decide on a schedule that will work. I allow my 4-year old to stay up late into the night so that while she sleeps in the morning I can work in a quiet space, not perfect, but, it works. I can not immediately answer each and every e-mail, well I could try but, i'd be pretty miserable. I have a time set aside for emails. Not sure if I mentioned this but I am also an Instructional Coach so I receive e-mails from students, parents and teachers all needing support. Without a specified time, I'd probably have no hair left on my head.

Not perfect, But, it works!

Speaking of Routine

Routine is what turned my failure into an opportunity. Use some time to establish a routine that works for you and your family. Set hard boundaries between work and home (by that I mean your Living room and your Home office or Kitchen Table.) Remember, it's all right. Just Breathe!

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